Speed control with DC motor

The purpose of this project is to design a DC Motor Speed and direction control project based on L293D H-Bridge and 555 Timer IC. Works as 555 PWM and L293D output driver. The 293D provides Bi-directional drive current. This current contains a voltage source L293D from 5V to 12V up to 600mA, output clamping diodes for protections.

DC motor is the motor that can convert flat current electrical energy into mechanical energy. When electric current is applied to the motor, it occurs when the magnet moves in opposite direction to the magnets inside the motor. Dc motors can rotate 360 degrees.
DC motor speed control is one of the most useful features of the motor. By controlling the speed of the motor, we can change the speed of the motor according to the requirements and take the necessary action.

After completing the schematic design, I started the pcb design. At this stage, I made sure not to short circuit the circuit connections. So, I placed the resistors and leds on the same line. Then I adjusted the thickness of the roads.

After the schematic and pcb design was finished, I ended the project. I started the circuit design phase. With the help of heat, I transferred it to the copper plate. I prepared the appropriate liquid mixture and melted the copper layer. Then I replaced the circuit elements using drill and solder. Sometimes I checked the short circuit with the help of a multimeter, I tested the circuit after pressing and soldering the materials, the result was successful.

How does the circuit work?

Motor Drive is to control the speed and direction of DC Motor. Therefore, we have to create an H bridge using a transistor to drive the motor. Since the work of the project is done according to the circuit diagram of all connections, I did not explain here again, the legs of the potentiometer are correctly connected to the gnd, vcc paths in the circuit. I used the pot to adjust the speed of the engine. When we power the circuit, the normal operation of the engine is to turn forward. When we turn the potentiometer back and forth, we see that I have controlled the speed of the motor in the form of increase and decrease.